Hokuo Aikikai

Hokuo Aikikai is an independent Swedish Aikikai organisation that welcomes all clubs that practise aikido in the way it was taught by Shoji Nishio sensei, 8 dan Aikikai shihan. All our member clubs are also affiliated with the Swedish Aikido Federation (Aikidoförbundet), and through this to the Swedish Budo & Martial Arts Federation (Svenska Budo- och Kampsportsförbundet) and the Swedish National Sports Federation (Riksidrottsförbundet).

Sundsvalls Budoklubb, Uppsala Budoklubb and Sandvikens Aikidoklubb started cooperating in 1996 under the name SUS. In 2000, this organisation was registered at Hombu Dojo under the name Hokuo Aikikai ("hokuo" = "the land in the north"). Since then, the organisation has grown to today's six member clubs.

Hokuo Aikikai welcomes all clubs that exclusively practice, teach and carry out examinations in Nishio sensei's style of aikido.